Hongkong Eureka Technology Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Eureka Technology Co., Ltd, established since 2002. We used to be a semiconductor distributor and provided chipset of DVD, MP3, MP4 and Bluetooth. We also dedicated to developing products to our customers for more than 10 years. We started to manufacture the Bluetooth key finder in 2013 and became a leading manufacturer shortly. And we built Shenzhen Intellink Technology Co., Ltd for manufacturing since 2016.

Now we are making 5g compatible GPS tracker works with LTE-M and NB-iot cellular networks. Depending on less data and ultra-low power consumption, new generation GPS trackers are much better for vehicle, pet and asset tracking. Our business scope includes China, North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and South Korea.

2002, Eureka distributed Audio and video chipset and developed hardware&firmware for DVD players, MP3/4 players, Car audio, Bluetooth speakers and headsets.
2012, Created brand “Rtrivr” for the first Bluetooth key finder in Shenzhen.
2013, Released the first Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy key finder.
2015, CE/FCC certified waterproof key finders rapidly ranked the first among similar items on market.
2016, Built new company Shenzhen Intellink Technology Co., Ltd.
2018, Ultra-thin card tracker won the Red Dot Design Award.
2019, Released new LTE-M/NB-iot GPS tracker.

Engineering: An award-winning R&D team includes ID, hardware & firmware, Apps and back-end server developers are constantly creating new designs and products. 80% products are ODM projects for customers.
Manufacturing: More than 50 experienced employees, 5,000~10,000 units per day.

Shipping: A qualified final inspection and well-developed logistic team ensures prompt and reliable delivery of products.