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Wallet finder R801

What can Rtrivr Bluetooth wallet finder do?

1. Find your things

Put wallet finder into your wallet or adhere onto other items, and find it just like you'd call a lost phone.  If your wallet is within the 100 feet Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it.

2. Find our phone

Press the button on wallet finder to ring your phone - even if it's on silent.

3. See where you had it

The app automatically records the last time and place it saw your item. So, if you left it somewhere, you know where to look first.

4. Smart alert

Create a zone and get notified on your phone when you leave this place without your wallet finder.

5. Support Alexa and Google Assistant(Option)

Talk to Alexa or Google Assistant to find your wallet or ring your phone!

6. Separation alarm

Both of wallet finder and phone alert while the Bluetooth lost connection.

7. Take a selfie

It works like a wireless remote to trigger the camera up to 30 meters away.

8. Community find(Option)

If your wallet finder is truly lost, just activate the community find and every phone running the app can anonymously help you find it.




Why Rtrivr Bluetooth wallet finders?

1. Find you phone even if it's on silent and the app is closed.

Wallet finder always reconnects to your phone automatically when they are in Bluetooth range. Press the button twice to ring the phone.

2. Waterproof IPX7

No worries about knocking over your cup and splashing onto wallet finder or forgetting it in the washing machine.

3. Loud buzzer

Up to 90db buzzer and nice ringtones with high & low frequency.

4. BLE technology consumes less phone power

The APP consumes less than 3% of iPhone power, and less than 1% of Android phone power.

5. Long battery life

Support 3 years working time or 5 years standby.

6. Ultra thin

Only 2.4mm thickness!




Dimension: 86 x 54 x 2.4mm

Bluetooth :  5.1 LE

Buzzer:  90dB

Battery: Non-rechargeable ultra thin battery

Working Range: 0-50 meters

Working time:  3 years

Color:  Black or other Pantone colors. Custom printing images on surface.